An away point in Jamshedpur before we hit the road again

We returned to action against Jamshedpur FC after a defeat at home to FC Pune City and saw a few new face in the starting lineup.

Jussi Jaaskelainen, Prabir Das, Jordi Montel, Tom Thorpe, Keegan Pereira, Conor Thomas,Bipin Singh, Hitesh Sharma, Eugeneson Lyngdoh, Zequinha and Robin Singh.

The game kicked off with an early scare for the ATK as the former ATK player Doutie stumbled at the edge of the box. Moments later, the home side won their first corner and Doutie was looking to threatened the defence but straight to Jussi’s hand it lands. Jamshedpur FC tested Jussi once again but this time it was Memo who took a shot at the goal but it sailed over the bar.

It didn’t take long for us to fight back, as Jordi’s superb through ball to Hitesh shook the home defence but Tiri was quick with his clearance and shut down the danger. Zequinha’s free kick during the 13th minute found Bipin who makes an effort at a goal, his attempt though futile created a scene in the box. This was followed by efforts from ATK to hold possession of the ball until a young Jerry found his way past Keegan and ran down the flank but a perfectly timed interception by Jordi diverted the danger.

At the first quarter of the game, Conor won possession of the Jamshedpur attack and connected with Eugeneson. The midfielder send out a cross to his teammates in the box but his heavy touch resulted in the ball sailing away wide. Danger returned for ATK as Tom was dispossessed by Belfort who make his way to the box and passed it to Doutie and threats it to Jerry – who took a shot at the goal but missed the inside of the net.

A little after the 30 minutes mark, Hitesh celebrated his first goal but it was short-lived as the he realised that the linesman had raised his flag for an offside offence. The taste of a chance at the goal lead the ATK team to want more and they heightened their attack with every second that passed. We were presented with yet another chance to convert from a freekick. The fiery Zequinha took the free kick won by Robin Singh but his delivery went over board.

The first substitution in the game came during the last few minutes of the first half as Eugeneson was forced to leave the pitch due to an injury after a tackle with Mehtab that lead to the coming on of Rupert. The remaining of the first half saw an experienced Jussi taking quick decision to rush out of position to intercept the ball denying Belfort a goal scoring chance. The first half ended in a goalless draw.

The second half of the game started with more action as a swift Prabir made his way down the flank and curled in a cross to Robin Singh. The half volley shot taken by Robin Singh was on target but palmed away by Subrata. ATK continued to put pressure on the home side as Zequinha yet again lobbed the ball into the box and won corner. The corner taken by Bipin was headed in by Jordi but, for the second time within a span of a few minutes, saved by Subrata. What followed was a rather slow play between the two sides as the ball was seen on both end of the field.

The second change for ATK saw Kuqi replacing Zequinha during the 65th minute. Cornor made a threatening shot from quite a distance but the attentive Subrata palmed the shot away and won us a corner. Kuqi making his presence felt in the box as he tried to convert from the set piece taken by Bipin but felt short.

The last fifteen minutes witnessed a resilient ATK trying to break the home defence to find that winning goal with constant effort from Bipin, Prabir and Kuqi. As we entered injury time, Rupert blasted in a shot that landed into Subrata’s hand alongside with an offside offence. The game ended in a goalless draw as we took a point from this encounter with the debutants.